[Playing Manual]
Click on the place to want to put it when a stone is put.
A Reset button-game is returned to the initial condition.
Player button-CPU facing and a pair person battle are changed.
The color of the stone which a Color button-itself puts can be changed.
The indication of a place to put it in the Hint button-next and non-indication are changed.
It is pushed when switching of attacking first in a Pass button-game start to put, rear , a place disappear.
When it is pushed at the time of the Hard button-CPU facing mode, ...?
When it is the same as the Hell button-above and it is pushed at the time of the CPU facing mode, ...?
It is a Bomb button-additional function.
A stone to put changes into the bomb once in a while.It tries to push it, and looks forward to it as for the details.