Because there were many questions from everyone, a use regulation was made and collected. See it.

Use condition Processing Report The specification of the author or link
Non-commercial website OK Optionally Optionally
Commercial website OK Indispensable Indispensable
Adult website Forbidden Forbidden Forbidden
Religion, invitation website Forbidden Forbidden Forbidden
Desk-top wallpaper OK Unnecessary Unnecessary
Printed with a taste OK Unnecessary Unnecessary
The printing of the commercial purpose OK Indispensable Indispensable
Second distribution OK Indispensable Indispensable
Game(Non-Commercial) OK Optionally Optionally
Game(Commercial) OK Indispensable Indispensable

Use of CG is quite free. However, I ask a report and an author's specification of a profit site. That is because I am nonprofit and am doing creative activity.

Send e-mail, if it may not understand after seeing a upper table.

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Use regulation of CGs